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Cake/Cupcake Menu & Pricing

Browse our menu of cakes and flavor options to get inspired and contact us to help you prepare for your next event.


Classic Cake/Cupcake Flavors




Birthday Cake

Classic Cake/Cupcake Flavors

●     Strawberry Cheesecake

●     Red Velvet Cheesecake

●     Spicy Red Velvet

●     Cherry Cola

●     Key Lime

●     Strawberry Crunch

●     Chocolate Assassin

●     White Chocolate Bliss

●     Hazelnut

●     Banana Pudding

●     Chocolate Turtle

●     Churro

●     Eggnog (Seasonal)

●     German Chocolate

●     Hawaiian

●     Love Overload

●     Orangesicle

●     Rocky Road

●     Mango

●     White Shoes

●     Oreo

●     Peanut Butter

●     Red Velvet

●     Maple Bacon

●     Samoa (Seasonal)

●     Snack Time

●     Snickers

●     Strawberry

●     Salted Caramel Pretzel

●     Sunshine

●     Thin Mint

●     Carrot Cake

●     Twix

●     White Almond

●     White Chocolate Cherry

●     Strawberry Lemonade

●     White Chocolate Mocha

Bundt Cake Flavors

●     Turtle

●     Cream Cheese Pound Cake

●     Butter Pecan Pound Cake

●     Maple Bourbon Sweet Potato Pound Cake

●     7Up

●     Lemon

●     Red Velvet

●     Call Me Jack  (Alcohol Infused)

●     Hennessy  (Alcohol Infused)

●     Amaretto  (Alcohol Infused)

●     Crown Peach Cobbler  (Alcohol Infused)

●     Tipsy Turtle  (Alcohol Infused)

●     Caramel Rum Butter Pound Cake  (Alcohol Infused)

●     Chocolate Rum Cake (Alcohol Infused)

Alcohol Infused Cake/Cupcakes

Amaretto Sour


Fuzzy Navel

Hennessy Chocolate Turtle

Patron Key Lime

Key Lime Margarita

Pink Moscato

Alcohol Infused Cake/Cupcakes

●     Plain

●     Butter Pecan

●     Cherry

●     Key Lime

●     Strawberry

●     Oreo

●     Reese

●     Biscoff

●     Turtle

●     Neapolitan

●     Butterfinger



Whipped Cream

Cream Cheese


Our homemade cakes are three layers of round cake made with our signature fluffy American buttercream and are approximately 6 inches tall.

Final price based on cake details and flavor.

Cake Pricing

6 inch - $50 serves 8-12  / 8 inch - $65 serves 15-24 / 10 inch - $80 serves 28-38

Quarter Sheet - $50 serves 20-24

Half Sheet - $70 serves up to 50

Bundt Cakes - Start at $50

Cheesecakes - Start at $50

Alcohol Infused Cakes - Start at $60

Specialty Cakes - Start at $60

Cupcake Pricing

Standard Cupcakes-$42 per dozen

Premium Cupcakes- Starting at $55 per dozen​

Alcohol Infused Cupcakes-Starting at $55 per dozen

Classic Flavors/Mini Size - $42/ (2) Dozen

Premium Flavors/Mini Size - $50/ (2) Dozen

*Minis must be ordered in quantities of 2 Dozen* (1 Flavor per 2 Dozen)

Extra Additions

Let us dress up your cake or treats so you can WOW your guest. 

Ghirardelli Chocolate Drip starts at $8

 Floral Arrangement $15 - $40

French Macaroons 6ct $20

Candy, bark, or chocolate art starts at $15

Fruit Filling/Nuts $8 - $20

Fresh Fruit $8 -$17

Edible Images starts at $15

Satin Bows start at $17

Gold Painting/Leaf starting at $15

Gift Tags starting at $15

Edible Glitter (FDA Approved), Custom Sprinkles starting at $15

Individual Packaging starts at $10 per dozen

Policies & Additional Fees

The delivery fee starts at $25 for the first 20 miles. Anything over 20 miles will be  $1 per mile round trip using the shortest route according to Google maps.

All orders require a 50% non-refundable deposit.

Late pick-ups will incur a $10 late fee for every 15 minutes past the scheduled pick-up time.

Rush orders are subject to a $25 rush fee.

Most cupcakes and some cakes can be ordered within  48 hrs. We recommend you book as soon as possible to ensure your date is reserved. All custom items and catering services should be scheduled at least 30 days in advance, the earlier the better. We recommend you book as soon as possible to ensure your date. Consultations are required on all custom orders.

Call to schedule a consultation for your corporate events.

Ready To Place An Order?

Click the button below to start the process and have KupCravery Cupcakery craft the best sweets for your special event.

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